Ežerėlis nursing home

April 26, 2021 JSC "Taneta" donated its products to Ežerėlis nursing home. The company welcomes the opportunity to develop its mission and create a healthier, more comfortable life, contribute to social well-being and ensure a quality nursing process. We hope that the donated functional electric bed (with Trendelenburg function) and a side cabinet with a table will improve the quality of care, facilitate the daily work of nurses and ensure the quality of life of patients in Ežerėlis nursing home.

Vilnius University Hospital Santara Clinic

October 14, 2020 JSC Taneta started social activities and donated its products to Vilnius University Hospital Santara Clinic. The company's mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products that meet the individual needs of each customer. We would like to be glad that the donated functional electric bed (with trendelenburg function) will facilitate the work of the hospital staff and ensure maximum patient comfort.