FBET electric functional bed with Trendelenburg function is designed for the daily needs of each hospital and has a positive effect on patient’s recovery and treatment. It is intended for use in standard and long term care hospital units. The bed comes with a mattress platform that has an ergonomic construction (autoregression) which reduces the risk of pressure ulcers by giving more space and comfort for the patient in all positions. Standard elements of FBET bed creates more comfort not only for the patient but also for the medical staff which can have an easier access for the use of the bed. Choosing from the variety of optional features each customer can create a high level product for the special needs.

 Possible length of functional bed from 1750mm to 2500mm   

 Possible width of the functional bed from 700 mm to 1200 mm   

 Possible mattress platform length from 1550mm to 2300mm     

 Possible mattress platform width from 550mm to 1100mm

 Possible backrest angle from 0º to 80 °                       

 Possible thigh support angle from 0º to 40º

The angle of the Trendelenburg function is 0 nuo to 18º                 

  The angle of the inverse Trendelenburg function is 0º to 18º 

 Possible safe working load from 260 kg to 310 kg

 Bed height adjustment - electric motor               

 Backrest adjustment - electric motor

 Footrest adjustment - electric motor

Central control panel:                                                       

 Patient control panel:                                                          

The design of the bed frame is with autoregression which reduces the pressure on the pelvic and sacral area and this provides greater comfort for patients in all lying positions. 

This solution also provides an opportunity to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers in those being treated

 125 mm castors   

 150 mm castors   

 Central braking system for 4 or 2 wheels

 150 mm TENTE double castors           

 Electrically conductive castors                       

 Fifth wheel

The beds we produce feature a Heavy Duty Design solution, which allows us to ensure the long service life and reliability of this product when used in extreme conditions. 

Each functional bed is manufactured exclusively according to the customer's wishes, so our team is ready to always hear the customer's needs and provide solutions to meet them.