About us

JSC "TANETA" was esrablished in 1989. The key trend of activity is design, production, trade and maintenance of medical equipment, compensational and rehabilitating equipment, devices for nursing of patients and the handicapped. The industrial area of the company covering 1 500 m2 is accommodeted for a specialized production and maintenance with fully completed technological equipments. Some operations of the newest modern techonologies.

At present the Company manufactures products amounting for over 30 names and over 85 models.All the products are registered in the State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, CE-marked.

JSC "TANETA" has implemented the quality managment system ISO 13485.
At the "Lithuania product of the year" gynaecological chairs, produced in our Company and outdoor wheelchairs for the handicapped children, were awarded diplomas.