Hydraulic transport stretcher TSH

Mechanical parts adjustment
Dimensions can be customized
CE certified product
Antibacterial surface finish


Patient stretcher with hydraulic height adjustment (controlled with foot pedal) and gas spring backrest adjustment systems. The frame is made of powder coated steel. The soft part is made of 60 mm polyurethane foam wrapped with medical artificial leather. The stretcher has stainless steel protective foldable siderails and four bumper wheels on each corner. Stretcher comes with four 150 mm castors with individual braking system. The trolley comes with easy foldable head and foot rails, made of stainless steel. Powder coated steel parts are certified as ANTIBACTERIAL.


Length: 1900 - 2300 mm* Width: 600 - 900 mm* Height: 350 - 1100 mm*
Max load: 225 kg Backrest angle: 70°    
* The minimum and maximum parameter value

Optional modifications 

Standard colours

Extra colours